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Stained Glass Commissions

The design process : ‘We discuss your ideas and work with you to create an individual design taking into account factors such as the available light ,aspect , interior decor , privacy and security.

Once a final design specification is agreed the full size ‘cartoon 'is drawn out . The glass is cut and we often use a combination of sandblasting on clear , coloured or textured glass and glass painting fired onto the glass in our digitally-controlled HOAF kiln to produce fine detail and reduce or enhance light transmission. Paints and silver stain become a permanent layer on the glass which will ensure the design lasts indefinitely.

The panels can be incorporated into sealed units to if it is necessary to conform to Part L of glazing regulations or where security is a concern.



Project : Garden Sculpture

The clients approached us to commission a significant birthday present. We discussed colours , siting, scale and price. We were asked to provide initial ideas and produced small scale models and colour samples with examples of glass painting and sand-blast techniques. The clients chose their favourites and then left us to it. This series of photos shows the construction process ending with the finished piece. They loved it!