metal windows

repair & restoration

CJL offer a fully qualified window restoration and conservation service.

Preserving the original glasswork in stained glass windows and leaded lights is a high priority of ours, to prevent the loss of such original pieces of artwork. We can restore many types of windows in protected Grade 1 or 2 listed buildings and unlisted buildings. An example of this is shown above with the refurbished windows on the right

How we restore windows

Metal windows often require removal and restoration off-site and we typically temporary-glaze rather than fit unsightly boarding . The leaded panels are rebuilt with new matching lead cames retaining old glass whenever possible. Any cracks can be repaired by leading or coppering but if replacement glass is needed a modern antique matched closely to the original is employed .

Metal casements are shot-blasted (for this critical treatment we have used the same Berkshire-based company for the last 25 years) then weld repaired and coated with our own five-stage paint scheme.They are re-fitted using rustless fixings (always slot-head screws!) and lime-mortar carefully matching existing stonework.